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The Wealth Principle © ™ e-Book

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Unleash The Entrepreneur Within You



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The Wealth Principle is an inspirational book about business and success principles by author Gregory M. Luchak. Founder of 'Real Business Investors', 'Real Business Investors Software' and 'My Greatest Business and Investor Training Program'. 


The Wealth Principle: Unleash the Entrepreneur Within You 
Greg’s perspectives on business, money and entrepreneurship, challenge the concept—get a good education, a good job with a pension mentality. From his point of view that is fast becoming obsolete advice in today's economy.  
His assertion that "you must have multiple streams of income and unleash the entrepreneur within you" has proven to be the best strategy to overcome financial crisis that has impacted every generation in our current economy. 
Greg started his entrepreneurial journey over forty years ago when he was just a teenager. He spent the past thirty-five plus years operating a construction company, investing in real estate, and 
flipping property. He purchased his first apartment building by the age of twenty-six. 
Greg's book, The Wealth Principle, will inspire and encourage budding entrepreneurs to become independent business owners. To reach for higher goals, achieve more and skyrocket their personal success. Creating remarkable results.  
In this book… 
Discover how to significantly change your lifestyle and increase your wealth. You will learn the secrets of how to break the common mold of “get a good education and a good job.” You don't want to be left behind wondering what you missed out on when the next boom hits. 
You will learn what the rich do that you need to duplicate with proven, safe and successful strategies to be financially free.  
His book reveals the following: 
• How the wealthy do it 
• How the economy affects your lifestyle 
• How to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit 
• How to find the magic behind your success 
• How to repair and use credit to your advantage 
• How to shake the money tree 
• How to safely invest in real estate 
• How to build your empire from the ground up 
• How to start a business with no money 
Discover the secrets to your success and financial prosperity. 
Every chapter includes exclusive access to a video that brings a level of interaction with the book and material that will inspire you to learn more about business and how to unleash the entrepreneur within you.

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