The Planet Purple Charity Campaign Launch


The Official Launch of the Planet Purple Charity Campaign. I'd like to first like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit of our story. 


My wife Christina has been battling many health issues over her lifetime. From a condition in short form call RP. A condition that renders her legally blind. Through her youth she attended the CNIB to learn how to cope with her eye disorder. As a young adult she developed a lifelong disease called Crohn's. This disease is an autoimmune disorder that mostly attacks the digestive tract but can attack any organ in the body. I am a type 2 diabetic. So, we both over the years have had to deal with health issues. But more recently and more importantly my wife had a major health incident happen this past summer. Apart from Crohn's attacking her body she also developed a life-threatening infection both of which has kept her in the hospital 12 out of the past 14 months alone. She has spent the better part of the last four years in and out of hospital because of her Crohn’s. She now faces a long rehabilitation road back to health.

Needless to say; the past several years has been emotionally and financially draining on us both. My wife is unable to have a job and it has come to a point where I have had to make some big concessions with my business activity. I have been a self-employed business person most of my adult life. I can no longer be the hands-on contractor I used to be. I spend a big percentage of my time at the hospital. When my wife does come home, I will have to be at home most of the time as well.

Some of you may have noticed that I recently became an author and launched my first book, a blog and a YouTube channel. Last year my wife and I also came up with a plan to give to charitable initiatives. We created the Planet Purple Charity Campaign. With in this campaign we plan to run several fundraisers to support the following organizations:

Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 

Canadian Diabetes Association,
Crohn’s and Colitis Canada,
The Heart and Stroke Foundation,
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and
The Canadian Cancer Society.

Not necessarily in that order. We have been touched personally or have family members who have been touched by the diseases these organizations fight to cure. Very likely you have too. Most recently my wife has had major health issues regarding her Crohn’s and now her heart has also been damaged by the infection as well.

It is for this reason that we have decided to launch our first fundraising campaign to start the ball rolling. Our first charity fundraiser will be for the Crohn’s and Colitis Society. It seems to us that we seldom hear of any charity events that support this charity.

We are launching our first Planet Purple Campaign. Our goal is to raise $25,000 for the charity.

In total this is $125,000 initiative.

Our plan to achieve this goal is twofold.

You can donate directly to Planet Purple by either buying a T-shirt or a copy of my book. $5 dollars from every purchase will go directly to the charity organization at the end of the campaign. We will post on our social media accounts as the totals come in.

Yes, there are costs and fees involved and a small net profit that will help us pay our bills and to purchase specialized equipment that my wife will need in order for her to come home. If fact we have to now look for a new home that will be suitable for her special needs. 

The $25,000 goal represents 20 percent of the total sales we hope to raise. I want to be completely transparent.

We need to change how we earn a living and at the same time give back to the community that has helped us. We would really appreciate those who could support us on our journey. I don’t believe in handouts. That is why I decided to tie the campaign to our business. The book has value and the T-shirt is more of a thank you. But I believe you should get something in return for your support.

Apart from the single sales of the book. I have also developed a B2B program called the Book Giveaway Program.

Businesses can purchase books in quantities of 50, 100, 150 and 200 that are donated to a charity event. In return business will get advertising and marketing services and can participate in book launch activities planned over the next year. The books will be donated to a charity event where the whole face value of the book will be given to the charity. For example; if 100 books sell at the event. $2500 goes directly to the charity. The $2500 purchase cost of the books will go to our business. It’s a win, win, win scenario.

The Book Giveaway Program. allows us to build a business that also helps support our charitable initiatives.If you would like to inquire about how you can participate in the Book Giveaway Program or if you would like to volunteer with any of our events.

Please send me an email using my contact page.

Businesses or sponsors can

Visit to  review the sponsorship packages available.

Visit for more information about the charity. That page will be updated periodically as well.

Thanks for your support

You have a great day and keep CRUSHING IT!




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